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Seriously: Spitboy’s First Song


“Seriously” was Spitboy’s first song. We started working on it the night guitarist, Karin Gembus, came to play with us, the night she joined the band. I had written the song using a few of the only chords I knew on guitar and wrote the lyrics about a night I was sexually harassed at a party at my house in West Oakland by two guys in a band from Salt Lake City, Utah.

It’s quite a kick ass song, in spite of my obvious amateur song-writing skills, with the odd loping opening and even odder break. What it lacks in musical maturity it makes up for in straightforward toughness and a certain vulnerability. Plus it has those three quick hard stops in the second verse right before the chorus.

We stopped playing “Seriously” live after a couple of years because it didn’t quite fit what would become the Spitboy sound, but it lives on as a track on the Ebullition Give Me Back compilation. The odd opening does allow for a welling of emotion and the satisfaction of screaming “Well, honey, I got news for you!”


Subtle cues warn me

I’m on to you

You’re spewing your best

but babe

manipulative charm does not have me impressed


Not interested wasn’t good enough for you

All girls play hard to get

You ain’t no fool

Consideration for how I felt wasn’t important at all

To you a girl, is a girl, is a girl


Well, honey, I got news for you

It doesn’t work that way here

I don’t listen for the shots you call

Babe, you take me seriously or don’t take me at all