Twelve Days of Winter Sewing

1149545_10201050734683373_1858688899_oNormally, this time of year I take the Literary Kitchen writing intensive class. Since I was super busy with my job and last minute edits for my upcoming book, I wasn’t able to sign up for the class. I will miss it.

Because the holiday season makes me uneasy, the way I vacillate between enjoying it (mainly because it makes my son happy) and wishing I didn’t want anything at all or worrying that someone will give me something horrible like lotion, or sad when I remember my mom trying so hard to make it feel like Christmas when it was so cold, and all she could afford to get us that would make any sense at all were slippers and robes – because of all that, because I need a distraction, a project, I’ve decided to embark on 12 days of sewing, starting today. I will also write, exercise, cook, play drums, and spend time with my family, which really goes without saying.

From today 12/18 to 12/30, I will sew everyday for at least one hour, more when I can. I will take one day off, probably Christmas because I’ll be cooking something to bring to a friend’s for dinner. This schedule is similar to the Wayward Writers Writing Intensive schedule.

I got the idea to sew everyday for a set number of days from Jil Cappucio who has the best pop up shop in Albany, filled with clothes she designs and makes herself. While it’s not a dream I ever expected to have, I hope to someday sew as beautifully as Jil, or as my main sewing mentor, my mom Cheryl. I wish I hadn’t waited until crafting was cool again to learn to sew, but that’s exactly what happened.

I no longer care if sewing is domestic art. I rather like staying home.

All that said, here’s a list of the things I plan to make/complete during my 12 days of winter sewing:

                        2 altered t-shirts

                        2 aprons

                        2 shopping bags (optional)

                        1 pair of kitchen curtains

                        1 dress

I’ll be honest, the dress on my own, without my mami’s help scares me, but I’m going to take it on anyway. I’m also going to use the serger she bought me. If I get stuck I will use modern technology – youtube and facetime. My mom loves it when I facetime her with sewing questions.

Last summer, I didn’t sew nearly as much as thought I would, so 12 days of holiday sewing should help me avoid the now dreaded didn’t-sew-enough remorse.

I will post updates here and you can follow along on Instagram (also Jil’s idea) @mexicana.brava

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