Does Your Mom Play Drums: Video!

Reading my piece “Does Your Mom Play Drums?” in the San Francisco Listen To Your Mother show on Mother’s Day was unbelievably fun. Many of my friends came out to see me read and paid money to do it, even when they can listen to me speak for free anytime. Even though I couldn’t see their faces from the bright stage lights shining in my eyes, my husband and son, who are featured in the piece were there, and my mom drove two and a half hours to be there too.

You have probably read the piece here, but now you can watch the performance for free. I don’t remember who it was, but before we all went on stage that night, someone told all the readers to really take it all in when we were up there, and you can see me do just that in the video at the very end — really being in the moment, savoring it. I’m glad I did.

***LTYM joins with our national video sponsor The Partnership at in preventing ½ a million teens from abusing prescription drugs.

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2 thoughts on “Does Your Mom Play Drums: Video!

  1. Jim Ott

    You go girl! Congrats on being selected to read and on your awesome performance!

  2. astriddegroot

    Wow, finding you here on your blog and what a great story he must be so proud on his mum. x


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